Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Ikea Light Tent

My friend Molly Lee (who makes terrific pop-up and mechanical cards) went out and got us both these Ikea lights and hampers to make a light tent for photography. It is really going to help me take better pictures when natural light isn't available. Here in the Pacific Northwest that is pretty much all the time.

I have modified my version from the instructions Molly collected by putting tissue paper around the outside. I also just set the light on top. It seems to work great (provided I turn it off so as not to burn the house down). My camera, a Nikon D60 can be set to a macro setting. I also set my ISO to 800. Using the tent and those settings I will be able to take really great clear photos of my leashes and collars!

To make your own light see the links on Molly's blog.

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Anitra Cameron said...

That is So incredibly clever! I'm going to send the link to this post to my other Portland artist friends. I was lucky enough to pick up an actual light box on sale because the zipper on its case was broken, but a decent light source has been problematic. That tube light is genius.

PS Thanks for the lovely comment on my music and slide show. (I posted another one last night, too, in case you'd like to see that, but that isn't why I'm here!)

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