Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cupcake Set Review

The Dog Gone Knitting Love the Cupcake Onesie Set has been featured in a review by Now What Baby! This blog reviews stuff for babies, kids and mommies and this week they did a huge section on cupcake things. One of the items reviewed was my set! Yay! There are some cute pictures of a darling baby wearing the set so be sure to check out the review.

Love the Cupcake Onesie Set

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fairy Booties and Sunshine Dresses

A few new items in the Dog Gone Knitting Shop this week...

Fairy Fashion Booties make every day magical... they are great for weddings, fairy costumes, and every day dress up with your own little doll. They also make excellent shower gifts! They can be found in the Baby Booties section of my shop!

Fairy Fashion Baby Booties

Fairy Fashion Baby Booties

Also to be found in the baby booties section are my new Lil' Chic Baby Booties. These booties are perfect for that mod little one out for a stroll in the park with Mom. So stylish! (According to Wikipedia "Chic" is an element of fashion and the counterpart of "Posh" so be sure to check out the Posh booties too!)

Lil' Chic Baby Booties

Lil' Chic Baby Booties

Also new this week is the Glass of Sunshine Toddler Sundress. This cool ensemble can be found in the Dresses and Pant Sets section of my shop. As sundresses go this one has it all... cute colors, summer orange theme (a-la Moda's new fresh squeezed fabric line). As with all my items I use great fabric and take extra time to put together clothes that have special details.

Glass of Sunshine Toddler Dress

Glass of Sunshine Toddler Dress

Before I leave off, I have also taken a few new shots of the pups lounging in the yard. This is their new favorite past time and they do it so well!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

June Sale

The special this month in my etsy shop is the Bootie Bundle. Booties are regularly priced between $15 and 18.50. With the bootie bundle you get 2 pair of booties in any baby size for only $30. You also save on shipping as the special ships at the cost of one pair instead of two!
"French" BootiesCuppy Cake Newborn BootiesBlue Eyes Smiling BootiesTrend Setter BootiesJet Set Booties
This is a great deal and would make an excellent baby shower gift. The set will come packaged in a nice gift box all ready to be wrapped up and given away.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sewing Machine Song Video

This is really funny...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Magic Truck

Today I parked under a tree in full bloom. As it was fairly windy this afternoon when I went to get in my truck to go home I noticed the bed of the truck was FULL of blossoms. My first thought was what a mess and I was rather grumpy about it. My mood was quite the opposite once I got on the highway however. As I was looking in my rear view mirror to merge onto 405 I saw a swirling cascade of blooms flying off the back of my truck. It was quite lovely and for the rest of the ride home I was humming. I drive the enchanted fairy truck! What a happy, magical end to my day!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Custom Ghost Booties

I made these booties for a little girl's ghost themed birthday party. (Her birthday, as you might guess, is in October!). They turned out so cute! I love doing custom work!! Be sure to check out my shop for other cute things if you'd like your little one to have some special booties!

The last picture is just a new shot of Miss Annabelle. She is getting so big!

Custom Order - Pink Ghost Booties!
Custom Order - Pink Ghost Booties!
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