Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Will Fish for Food

This is a picture of the trout dinner we had Monday. Yum. We finally caught some fish Sunday at the St. Louis Ponds so the next night I baked us up a feast.

Only 2 more weekends of Oregon fishing and then we can use our Washington licenses. This is the first year we have had Washington licenses so we are excited.

Apparently the new paper the ODFW uses for our license will essentially melt if it gets wet (bright huh?) so my current knitting project is to make a license cozy. I also made some new hats to sell on Etsy. My fish hat has already been viewed 9 times! Yay!

For our anniversary (10 years... holy cow!) we bought ourselves some pontoon fishing boats. I am waiting for some good water to open up so we can use them. I want to take some pictures too!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Etsy and Annabelle

So I decided to get *crazy* and finally post some things to Etsy (you can see my shop with the links to the right). I make all these silly little things that I rarely use or even give away... socks, hats, bags, etc. I really like small, but slightly challenging projects. By selling them on Etsy I feel perfectly OK knitting baby hats and junk like that. I am working on several different types of things. It will be fun to see what sells. Esty was on Martha Stewart last week so hopefully people will be out there shopping for cute stuff!

Annabelle had her girl stuff removed yesterday. Here is a photo of her with her little e-collar on. We are having some trouble keeping her still. It is pretty funny to watch her run though. Even without the collar she waddles a bit, but with it she sort of looks like a black and red fish. Either that or some funny little heat seeking robot!

There has also been an extra abundance of special pug smells as well. She is quite the little stinker.

Here is another picture of the dogs taken last week. Nothing special about the occasion. They just looked cute.

I also finished a ear flap cap I have been working on for myself. It is a little larger than I planned, but it does fit over my big head. At least as an "extra-large" I don't run the risk of getting headaches like I sometimes get with my baseball hats. I have been wearing it today and it is very comfortable. I am calling it my lucky fishing hat.

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