Thursday, April 30, 2009

Display for Arts & Craft Shows

I will be at First Friday in Vernonia, OR this weekend showing off my dog collars and hopefully selling a few. You can find me in the Scout Cabin in downtown Vernonia.
Here is the new DogGoneKnitting display booth. I didn't have my astroturf table cover yet (Patrick is working on that), but isn't it cute? When I am at the show I will sort through the collars so only 1 of each kind is hung up... this is all of them though. Aren't their little tags cute? Molly Lee makes them for me. (I only have to buy her lunch... so wonderful to have such great friends!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring in the Pacific Northwest

I love spring in Oregon. When I was growing up in Michigan spring meant a few weeks where everything was brown and muddy and then it was summer. Here spring starts in March and lasts until late June. The air literally smells like flowers. I would never roll my windows down in Michigan. Mostly this was because it would mess my hair up. But out here it is so worth having messy hair because it just smells so darn good. The smell makes me think of vacations and long weekends. The only problem with spring here is that it smells so great that I am always hungry. No really, I have been starving all day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Custom Dog Collars

I have been busily working on some new custom dog collars that are now available in the DogGoneKnitting shop on etsy. This sort of "punk" collar Annabelle is sporting is really cute. There is also a mellow brown and green collar style.

I am also offering to design other collars using the fabrics you already see in my shop. If you see something you like and want it customized just send me a convo. If you are the first person with that design and are willing to have me take a photo of it for use in my product listings I will knock $4.00 off. Just mention my blog to get the deal.

I have also been working on using metal buckles and other hardware. This option will be great for dogs who chew. Expect a listing or 2 with metal options to appear over the weekend! I also have hardware to make martingale collars so if you are interested in a martingale in a particular style send me a convo on etsy!
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