Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fishing Frenzy

We were on a fishing extravaganza all this weekend. It is pretty much all that we accomplished. The word accomplished can only be loosely used here as we did not actually catch anything despite all my efforts to check stocking reports and fishing forums online. We did do a pretty good job of trying different colors of power bait. We even threw in some eggs today as we saw a kid catching with eggs on Saturday... nothing doing though. All those fish and not even a nibble. At this point I would be happy to have seen one move in the water.

We did have a very nice weekend though. It was not raining for one thing and it was quite warm for February for another. The two lake photos you see here are from Battle Ground Lake at Battle Ground Lake State Park. We had never fished there before and found it to be quite pretty. This first picture shows some of the wildlife. There were actually 4 loons when I went to take the picture, but one flew away before I could snap the shot.

This next shot is of Patrick you can really see that the lake is quite still and pretty. There were a few rounds of screaming kids running through the woods, but not as many as there likely will be this summer.

This is the first year we sprung for Washington fishing licenses and I was very glad to find the lakes close to home were so nice. We also visited Horseshoe Lake (Woodland, WA) and Klineline Pond (Vancouver, WA) today. Patrick thinks he make take the Tanner Spring residents to Klineline Pond sometime as it is very accessible.

After Horseshoe and before Klineline 2 very hungry fisher people stopped in at The Oak Tree Restaurant in Woodland. Yum! Great comfort food. I had a meatloaf sandwich and Patrick had a chipotle bacon burger. We also took home some desert for later. (Incidently, while I was looking for the Oak Tree link I navigated around and found this funny little slide show about smelt. Patrick likes smelt so I thought I might just share.)

Yesterday we went fishing at Mt. Hood pond in Troutdale, OR. Shortly after we arrived home our new couch arrived. So here is a picture of the living room with the couch installed. I am still not sure of the position, but I am quite pleased with how the colors in the room contrast and compliment each other.

I have a few other pictures to share. I think I will just plop them on the bottom of the page. The first is a cute picture of Duncan and Annabelle. Isn't Annabelle getting big? The second is of my completed circle bag. All done! Yay!

One final note from little miss link surfer... don't swim in the Willamette.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tired and Cranky

My mom was out for an extra long weekend the last several days, but has now returned home. It was really great to see her and my step-father Craig. We went to the Oregon Coast and stayed in a lovely rental with a bay view in Netarts. My parents have a lot of common interests with Patrick and I so we always have a good time.

There is just something about the end of a nice vacation though that leaves you sort of bummed. I don't feel well today and I am quite cranky. I want to start a new knitting project, but I can't decide what to make. All the yarn in my stash seems like crap and I am not sure if I want to try the Inga hat or if I want to make the St. Vincent Cloche that my mom wants.

I am clearly just to tired so I guess I will have to finish some of my WIPS and maybe go to bed early.
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